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Rules for Choosing Car Chargers[ 03-17 09:44 ]
Although the earliest car chargers have the feature of changing light, including the one matching with brand-name cars, in fact, they are battery chargers with the characteristics of current limiting and constant voltage, and don’t belong to three-stage car chargers. Generally, this type has a stable voltage, 44.2V or so, which is more effective than a high proportion of sulfuric acid battery. There are some rules for people to choose car chargers:
Transportation information[ 07-12 10:50 ]
Q:What’s the transportation way and leadtime? A:Generally,it depends on customers,there are 3 ways for option. The first way is through sea shipment,around 12-35days, hinging on different countries§ions. The second one is by air service,aound 3-4days and the third one is by Door-to-door service,aound 3-4days.
Official order instructions[ 07-12 10:47 ]
Q:What is the minimum order quantity? A:It depends on product category,2K for charger series and 5K for cable products,3K for USB gift&combo set and 2K for PC peripheral. Of course,we can consider accepting order quantity less than normal MOQ if we have stock or client can accept to pay for a bit more than normal rate.
Chargers Sample supply[ 07-12 10:46 ]
Q:I want to test your products before placing a order. Could you provide for sample? A:Yes,usually,we can offer 1-2PS samples for free if the value is less than 10 US dollars. But we will charge for samples when the value is more than 10 US dollars.
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