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mobile phone battery charger fire led to two deaths and one injury caused by improper use

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   Fucheng County of Cui miaozhen gold Village farmers home in the early morning of April 9, 2012, fire, causes electricity accidentally caught fire, the sources said the fire triggered by mobile phone battery charger. The fire led to two deaths and one person was injured, the injured have been rushed to hospital, no life-threatening.
In the afternoon of April 9, reporters rushed to the scene, the scene has been the fire department blocked. According to neighbors Wang, more than 5:00, he found in the alley Zhang wife lying on the ground, covered in black ash, neighbors rushed to Zhang home, rescue, Zhang and his son carried away two have found killed. Zhang and his wife, the woman was sent to hospital for observation and treatment, is now non-life-threatening.
The villagers said that the deceased Zhang, 24 years old, married a long time, only 23-year-old wife, a child is born only nine months, "really miserable. Reporter saw Zhang family house does not matter, traces of smoky glass doors and windows of the house. The villagers said, the Zhang home fires are caused by mobile phone battery charger exploding conductor, resulting in the refrigerator explosion occurred, causing a fire.
Criminal investigation, the fire department, etc. After the scene, initially identified with electricity accidentally fire ignited furniture fire accident. At present, the specific cause is under further investigation.
The handset charging time should not be too long
According to the power industry sources said, the poor quality of mobile phone battery charger is a dangerous source. Even regular brand mobile phone manufacturers, mobile phone charger, if prolonged plugged into the power strip, also fever, once encountered a short circuit, it is easy to burst into flames. Residents must avoid using the mobile phone battery charger plugged in for long periods of time, as long as the battery is fully charged should immediately unplug.

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