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Nokia car charger supplier failed, Mountain plug car charger supplier deposit security risks

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 The world's largest mobile phone manufacturers - Nokia today announced a global recall of 14 million defective car charger supplier production by subcontractors BYD (002594),.

Subcontractors mentioned above refers to the BYD Electronic (00285.HK). As the producer of a defective car charger supplier, BYD Electronic will bear all expenses incurred to replace the car charger supplier. The company said in a statement, Nokia announced defective car charger supplier Model AC-3E and AC-3U manufactured between June 15, 2009 to 2009, and this year April 13 to October 25 produced between AC-4Ucar charger supplier.
Nokia spokesman James said Ace Ridge, The recall involves around 14 million car charger supplier ", the company will free replacement car charger supplier may cause an electrical shock. At the same time, Nokia China announced that the Chinese market did not sell these problems Model car charger supplier, and therefore not subject to the plan affect not within the scope of the replacement. The exception of China, is not to replace the range of countries including the United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina and other parts of the country. Nokia said, "has not received any accident and injury associated with these car charger supplier."
, However, affected by the event, BYD Electronic shares for two consecutive days tumbled more than 5% decline from Tuesday's close, the stock tumbled 5.14% to HK $ 6.65. Since October this year, the company share price has rose nearly 60%.
BYD Electronics said that the manufacture of these two groups of Car Charger supplier is a subsidiary of BYD Electronic Company, is currently with Nokia to work closely to handle the event, especially how to deal with technical issues, as well as how to improve the models covered car charger supplier, but the company is expected that The accident will not have any material impact on the company.
The the cottage car charger Supplier wear "foreign vest host can be caused by the tablet explosion
Number of tablet PCs suffer
Law enforcement officers are called to the PC World, the a wholesaler inspection found the problem car charger supplier700 I These car charger supplier packaging crude, are not the content of the site indicating the name, and there is no mandatory national certification "CCC" certification, but printed with EU "CE" certification.
    A few days ago, one dealer to the Hongshan Branch Trade and Industry Report, wholesale more than 100 domestic brands Tablet PC, car charger supplier wholesaler reprovision. Sales, consumers are constantly looking for his passing, due to a computer failure, the problem was with the car charger supplier. He suspected the group of car charger supplier, then a complaint to the business sector.
Trade and Industry officials said, car charger supplier must order sales through the National Compulsory Certification. Group of simple packaging "cottage" car charger supplier of unknown origin, and wearing foreign certification "foreign vest" Fudge consumers, wholesalers and car charger supplier next step will be to carry out the investigation.
Wholesalers Tablet PC manufacturers to reduce the price, standard generally no car charger supplier, it is necessary to buy car charger Supplier, so they buy from a group of car charger supplier sales.
Trade and Industry officials also reminded consumers, not by shell fire-retardant properties of the certified car charger supplier, wire specifications and transformers and other accessories no quality assurance problems, ranging from charging a bad battery, re-appeared in an explosion or fire, so select electrical products sure to look for the certification mark.
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