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Meishunhe electronic Global Sourcing Fair in Hong Kong wonderful silhouette

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    The electronics industry, the public attention 2012 Sourcing Exhibition in Hong Kong has been successfully completed, the exhibition attracted many top electronics companies exhibiting. Many customers of the company's superior products car charger, cell phone charger have expressed a keen interest, not only is there a lot of old customers come again, and carry out a more in-depth exchanges, as well as many new customers and my company have reached a preliminary cooperation.

    Current 2012 Sourcing Fair exhibition in Hong Kong, Mai Shun, Shenzhen, and Electronic Co., Ltd. booth located in 5H10 2012 Sourcing Fair exhibition in Hong Kong for Shenzhen Mei Shun Electronics Co., Ltd. and a number of the electronics industry's direct customers to provide a good technical exchanges and interactive platform. Time of only three days of the exhibition, many of the electronics industry enterprises and overseas customers have shown interest in U.S. Shun Electronics Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City, car charger, travel charger and cooperation intention. US-Shun and electronic perseverance is bound to go the integrity of the operation of the road, and strive to f

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