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Apple's free-for-car charger, car charger netizens questioned the quality of its

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Apple introduced the cottage car charger redemption Taiwan on the 16th to benefit from

Apple users have questioned its repo car charger responsibilities transferred leakage

The redemption price for the Apple car charger to carry out the activities, the reporter interviewed some of the morning in the Zhongguancun mobile phone accessories businesses, they both said on the sale of non-original power adapter will have some impact, but the impact was not too much.

Reporters learned that, like other regular brands Luoma Shi generic car charger because the price of 60 yuan, more than Apple, Samsung and other original power adapter half the price, so by the mobile phone users.

"This is indeed the price of Apple's redemption activity is relatively low, those previously reluctant to buy original products to consumers, the loss may be so, but our products are faced with a variety of mobile phone brands other users of the affected products are only a small part, and only in the short term will be affected. "one dealer told reporters.

Foreign media

Apple's move should be related with the leakage accident

This morning, this reporter made Apple, relevant staff said the car charger and redemption event hostesses electrocution death does not matter, and that is the relevant accident investigation.

Nevertheless, foreign media correspondents morning view reports and found that they invariably mention the relationship between the two.

It is reported that Apple's USBcar charger recycling program will be on August 16 in the United States since the implementation of the same activities as of October 18. While including the Forbes network, NBC News and other media, are directly called Apple's move as "China after the death of Apple Power Adapter redemption activity."

Moreover, a number of foreign media have said that Apple stewardess electric shock after deregulation. "First teach you how to identify the original car charger, but Apple has admitted the authenticity and unable to distinguish car charger if it is safe, it is not sincere, but this is a clever redemption activity, should be able to restore some popularity."
Conscience or PR?

WASHINGTON (Reporter intern Huang Lili Ping Ying Ying) yesterday, Apple's official website issued a "USB Power Adapter recycling program" notice, from August 9, 2013 to October 18, the user can take any non-original power adapter plus 68 yuan , you can go to Apple retail stores or authorized shop to replace the original value of 149 yuan Apple car charger.

Apple's official website a notice that some third-party car charger counterfeiting and unreasonable and design may lead to security problems, it was decided since August 9 in the Chinese market since recycling redemption activity, requires the user to at least bring a USB power adapter and their iPhone, iPod or iPad, the Apple retail store or Apple Authorized Service Provider verify the serial number.

Earlier 23-year-old flight attendant with the positively charged iPhone5 died of electric shock, but Apple has always said this did not give a positive response.

The Apple car charger recycling program, there are some consumers called "the industry's conscience." But there are many consumers expressed doubts, saying that Apple's move is a very successful public relations crisis, but in reality only promoting their own products, in turn pass on responsibility for virtually cottage car charger.

User "Dr cola" on the micro-Bo said, this is a very clever public relations, not only to promote the sales of original parts, emphasizing the recommendations on the use of original parts, also responsible for the accident from the side draw a line, to avoid Apple's brand image for accidental injury, and guide the public opinion.

According to Taiwan's TVBS website reported recently continent a flight attendant because the use of Apple cottage car charger, led to an explosion while charging Apple show goodwill, announced the world's redemption plan, the people of Taiwan started from next Friday, just take iPhone, iPad, iPod counterfeit or sub-factory car charger, can be set off against about 300 yuan (NT, the same below), to redeem the original manufacturer.

Official website greatly title, the latest plan announced redemption, whether it is exactly the same appearance of the cottage car charger, or through Apple MFI certified deputy factory car

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